2023 Gardens

We showcased 6 beautiful gardens dotted across Orange for our 2023 event.

The Hub

Located at Orange Public School Infants Site on the Corner Anson and Torpy Street.

This is where everyone came to purchase their tickets, pick-up a map, and ask questions. The Hub also had a delicious BBQ breakfast, Coffee Cart, Plant Stall and Choirs performing throughout the morning.


73 Hill Street, Orange
1.5km, 3mins from The Hub

Knocklong has three gardens, the front, slightly formal garden, with hedges paths. A feature of this garden is the two ancient trees. On the south side of the garden, rising above the public footpath and the Knocklong driveway. The other old tree is a very large ginko bilobo on the north side. This garden has a range of plants, mostly perennials, including peonies, roses  perennial anemones and azaleas.
Follow the brick path around the verandah, down the driveway to the working and parking areas. This driveway  has a very varied mix of plants, shrubs and annual flowers, including azalea gibralter, liliums and nandinas.

Our little private entertaining and relaxing garden on the north side starts with warm suntrap outside the kitchen, where we enjoy group dining. The north side of this little space is sheltered and is a favourite place for ferns and other shade lovers. More along from here  past the pond to a smaller lawned area with lots of little surprises. This is our favourite space.


158 Sale Street, Orange
2.4km, 5mins from The Hub

Tremaur is a 1940s residential town block of approx 1000m2.

The garden is an eclectic mix of cottage garden with heritage hedge, raised vegetable gardens interspersed with more contemporary feature walls, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, tree canopy space, fish pond and sculpture.

A mix of established camellias, magnolia, lavenders, small trees, a collection of fruit including citrus, apple, peach, pear, fig and berries among others. Sections of garden bed packed with a mix of perennial and annual flowers, interspersed with lawn and variety of hard surfaces.

Built up over more than a decade and ever evolving, it is laid out in multiple garden “rooms”, each with a distinctive style but blending to the adjoining space.

It is a garden for wandering between rooms, taking a moment pause, reflect and ponder. Designed to feel larger than it is, a calm environment to unwind and relax amongst the plants.

Bexley House

142 McLachlan Street, Orange
1.9km, 5mins from The Hub

Owner Glenda purchased Bexley after moving to Orange from Brisbane to be closer to her daughter Ngaire Oliver, who is Deputy Principal at Orange Public School. Glenda is a comparatively new gardener as time did not allow her to do much when she was working and raising her family, however her parents were both keen gardeners. Growing up in Christchurch, New Zealand on a quarter acre block, her father Frank grew enough vegetables to feed to family of 6. Her mother, Gloria, did most of the weeding and maintained the front yard gardens which featured roses, germaniums and hydrangeas.

Glenda started work on Bexley’s garden as soon as she moved in, many of the plants reminding her of those she grow up with in Christchurch. She receives a little help with larger jobs, but basically manages the garden herself.  She derives great joy from the beauty as well as the veggie patch and has learnt a lot in the last few years.

Glenda has opened her garden to support the students of Orange Public School as she is passionate about children getting the best educational opportunities possible.  Glenda has a particular passion for children being allowed to play outside and see this as vital to their development.   


38 Perc Griffith Way, Orange
5.2km, 10mins from The Hub

‘Melliodora’, named for the many towering melliodora or yellow box eucalyptus trees on the property, is a lovely 5-acre property on the slopes of Summer Hill, with views to Mount Canobolas. The property has 3 acres of established gardens, set in layers as the gardens slope downhill from the house. A long drive leading up from the private road is lined with many established trees as well as a corridor of newer trees – some chosen for their blossoms in spring and others for the majestic trees they will become in many years time. Key features of the layered gardens include the many roses of different varieties, an array of flowering plants that bring a colourful show for over 6 months of the year, and a range of other plants chosen for their varied foliage, ensuring to the garden maintains colour through the winter months. Rock walls to achieve layering and garden beds create texture throughout.

The gardens of Melliodora were established in the 1980s by the original owners. The current owners, Russell and Kate Roberts, have rejuvenated the gardens, planting many hundreds of trees, shrubs and smaller plants. They have built on the well-established foundations of the existing gardens, and brought their own ideas to create a garden with many different features to enjoy.


291 Canobolas Rd, Orange
6.2km, 8mins from The Hub

Originally established by Courtney Hawkes in circ 1910, Luxulyan has changed and evolved over the years with both formal and informal gardens making up this gorgeous property. With views across Orange from the native garden you can then wander around the home finding your way across the front lawn, through the secret gardens and discover the olive tress, veggie garden and chickens.


Anfield Garden

21 Moriarty Crescent, Orange
6.6km, 10mins from The Hub

Anfield Gardens began its journey back in 2010 with only a couple of blue gums planted on the property. Now in 2023 the garden consists of over 350 trees, a formal vegetable garden, kitchen herb garden, a stone fruit and citrus orchard, olive grove and a small Shiraz vineyard.
Most of the trees are ornamentals which provide a beautiful autumn display across the property. Along with a Lone Pine sourced from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra also a Wollemi Pine and a couple of Californian Redwoods been located across the garden.
The property also the has a number of rose gardens with David Austin roses being our favorite and numerous amounts of perennial flowering plants throughout the garden including a perennial garden room.
We also have bee hives producing our honey and a large chook house and run keeping us in plentiful supply of eggs. Along with our own resident garden fairies that have set up house in our old gum tree.